야구 배팅 연습장 in 수도권 (ing)

야구가 취미인 사람은 배팅장에서 배트를 휘두르는 것으로 스트레스를 푼다.

하지만 어디에 있는지 찾기가 쉽지 않아 치고 싶어도 칠 장소를 찾지 못할 때가 많다.

비슷한 취미를 가지고 있는 사람들을 위해 야구장의 위치와 리뷰를 써내가보려고 한다.

2015년 현재


1. 홍대

> 홍대 후문쪽 서교주자창, 2호선 홍대입구역, 6호선 상수역 근처

2. 신촌

> 신촌역 4번 출구로 나와 CGV 방면으로 쭉 가면 '홈런야구장'이 나옴

3. 남영역

1호선 남영역을 지나가면 보이는 배팅장이 있다.

4. 종각역

> 종각역 11번 출구 탑골공원 맞은편 세븐일레븐 근처에 야구장이 있다.

> 투구 구속 측정도 할 수 있는 곳!!!

5. 강남역

> 2호선 강남역 10번 출구 버거킹 맞은 편, 서초초등학교 옆, 강남대가 고기집을 찾으면 쉽게 갈 수 있다.


1. 부천역

> 부천역 근처에 두군데의 야구연습장이 있다.


> 부천 북부역 소신여객 맞은 편



> 부천 북부역 부천대학 근처

2. 역곡역

> 역곡 북부역 맥도날드 맞은 편

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32 Key Performance Indicators in Mobile e-Commerce

32 Key Performance Indicators in Mobile e-Commerce

Sales Key Performance Indicators:

  • Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual sales
  • Average order size (sometimes called average market basket)
  • Average margin
  • Conversion rate
  • Shopping cart abandonment rate
  • New customer orders versus returning customer sales
  • Cost of goods sold
  • Total available market relative to a retailer's share of market
  • Product affinity (which products are purchased together)
  • Product relationship (which products are viewed consecutively)
  • Inventory levels
  • Competitive pricing

Marketing Key Performance Indicators: 

  • Site traffic
  • Unique visitors versus returning visitors
  • Time on site
  • Page views per visit
  • Traffic source
  • Day part monitoring (when site visitors come)
  • Newsletter subscribers
  • Texting subscribers
  • Chat sessions initiated
  • Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest followers or fans
  • Pay-per-click traffic volume
  • Blog traffic
  • Number and quality of product reviews
  • Brand or display advertising click-through rates
  • Affiliate performance rates

Customer Service Key Performance Indicators:

  • Customer service email count
  • Customer service phone call count
  • Customer service chat count
  • Average resolution time
  • Concern classification
Once you have set goals and selected KPIs, monitoring those indicators should become an everyday exercise. And most importantly: Performance should inform business decisions, and you should use KPIs to drive actions



Device Preferences Throughout the Day

The mobile device is a life-invading piece of equipment. We use it in diverse situations:

  • while watching TV;
  • while shopping or on a night out;
  • in bed or in the bathroom;
  • while eating a meal (a pet hate of mine!);
  • when bored or waiting at our desk, at a train station or as a car passenger.

In each situation above, the person’s mind will be in a different state and may or may not be in “purchasing mode.” We also use mobile at different times of the day.



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